As a church we have entered into a cooperative effort between Lenexa Central Church of the Nazarene and the Church of the Nazarene in Cuba. Through this partnership we are learning to listen and listening to learn what we can do with the people of Cuba for God’s glory. God is already working in Cuba and thriving. The partnership is founded on the belief that everyone has something to contribute. You can GIVE. You can INTERCEDE. You can GO.   


The mission of the partnership is to develop relationships with the Cuban Nazarenes that will last.  We want to know them as friends, know their needs and be a resource to them. It is an opportunity for us, Lenexa Central, to learn from others in ways to worship, witness and minister.  A partnership is a give and take so there is opportunity for us to give and share with them as well as receive.


One of the ways we participate happens through sending Global Outreach (GO) Teams to Cuba to partner with our brothers and sisters in Christ there.  Central has committed to sending two teams a year for a minimum of five years.  The GO Teams go to Cuba to physically work on their churches with them and minister side by side through various services and events.

We are so excited to join in with what God is already doing in Cuba!  The Cuban Nazarenes have demonstrated how to be faithful followers when the financial and visible contributions are not there.  They have shown us what living missionally is all about.  We praise God for the opportunity to work along side of such Christ followers and pray that He is glorified through this experience.

For more information about how you can be involved in a GO Team or contribute financially, please contact the Cuba Partnership Coordinator, Pete DeMars.

To download an application for one of our trips, click here. Para Español, aquí.
Please fill out the application and email to Pete DeMars.